Friday, 20 June 2008

Toy Review - Gobots Bubble Man

Tonka whored the Gobots brand out to pretty much anyone while the going was good, and this was one of the odder items of merchandise. Produced by a company named Tootsietoy, these things were packed on blister cards not totally unlike regular Gobots figures, and named as Bubble Man. They were produced in four colours - as well as the red and blue pictured, there were also green and black versions.
As you can see, the figure does have a half-arsed transformation, from a robot into... a robot with severe spinal injuries. However, this does mean you can access his fearsome battery of triple bubble blowers. For a piece of superfluous 1980s cash-in crap, it's not bad. Well, okay, it is pretty awful.

Still, there are a couple of points of interest. One is that genuine effort has gone into the paint apps on the robot mode - there are even a couple of stickers. Compare that to the Wendy's Gobots. The other thing, mainly evident on the blue one, is that he actually looks a lot like Buggy Man... Same head shape, same face, even a very similar chest layout and overall shape. Makes a change from Leader-1 and Cy-Kill, at any rate.