Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Magazine - Lee's Guide to the Gobots

In the days before the internet had everything on it print magazines were still covering things like toys and comics with some considerable authority. Lee's Magazine was one of the bastions of the former, sort-of a Wizard for toys with things like collecting and pricing guides in it as well as focus on new stuff. Numerous issues would have a pull-out section in the middle functioning as a sort of checklist covering various popular lines like Transformers and Star Wars, often composed at a time when a lot of information out there was still contradictory or rudimentary. They covered Gobots in one issue; the result hasn't aged well with a potted biography riddled with errors and a style which is more interested in packaging than the actual figures but the result is still a worthy primer for just seeing what was actually put out, even if the focus is entirely on the North American figures.

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