Sunday, 19 March 2017

Minifigures - Ant-Man (Film Version)

As anyone who has heard me bang on will know I've yet to be entirely sold on Marvel's film output, seeing most of it as safety first franchise fodder, though to be fair the same could be said of a lot of their print output since the year dot so I could just be being an arsehole. Either way I enjoyed Ant-Man, forefronting a genuinely underrated character in an inventive film that had a bit of weight to it and actually made fine use of the title character's ability. Thankfully lots of other people also agreed and Scott Lang, Scott bloody Lang, a homeless wanderer who cribbed together guest showings with the Avengers and Fantastic 4 (before finally getting his own series after the film).

Bonafide Marvel Studios meant a Lego set and Lang getting a Minifigure (alongside a barely recoloured version as the cinematic version of Hank Pym and film villain Yellow Jacket). Since they've even had a go at some representation of his size-changing with a Civil War set repurposing those little tiny Nanofig game pieces as a tiny version and a huge brick-build thing for his giant form, both of which I must get some time for the display possibilities.

The actual Minifigure gets it spot-on with an accurate take on the helmet and a good reproduction of the rest of the suit; while it'll never replace the original in my affections it is a respectable look and I like the idea of it being so different from the sixties one anyway, especially considering they're different chaps. Another awesome thing is that Ant-Man sets saw Lego make some ants, something I only recently discovered, so while they're not available with the bootleg they can be found to round him out nicely for display purposes.

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