Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Minifigures - The Beetle

Spider-Man was at the vanguard of the licenced Minifigure game, the first Sony film getting tie-ins so early they still had yellow faces. Since then the character's popularity has overridden Marvel's unofficial wish not to have too much merchandise based on properties they don't wholly own and a lot of the Webslinger's supporting cast have received official figures, including a majority of his better-known villains. The Beetle actually started out bothering the Human Torch in Strange Tales but quickly became more associated with Spider-Man before a stint as Mach-1 in the original Thunderbolts.

Interestingly though the character's sole Minifigure (which has yet to be bootlegged, oddly, despite coming in a set that also included Doctor Doom and Nova, who have been extensively copied) eschewed the familiar green and purple armour in favour of a maroon and silver version in line with the character's appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man (fittingly, as that was the name of the Lego subtheme, though in actuality it owed more to the cartoon of that name than the comic). 

This gives him a bit of visual variance compared to the Green Goblin anyway and makes for an interesting design, with a fly-winged but clearly mechanical backpack tying nicely into the insectoid look of the head. A 616-version would have been appreciated but then he had one of those shaped masks that are so difficult to get right in Lego and having a figure at all for the guy is better than nothing.

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