Sunday, 12 March 2017

Minifigures - Bishop

Bishop's actually about thirty years old now and therefore surely an established part of the X-Men extended family, which is weird now I think about it. Introduced as a time-travelling cop addition to the team in the very early nineties when the comic was selling millions he came bearing portents of doom about the future that eventually turned out to be about the Onslaught Saga. Since then he's struggled a little for purpose but is presumably popular enough with someone to keep around, mainly doing his mutant cop thing until he got turned into a bad guy in the hope someone noticed him.

In terms of Minifigures the X-Men haven't had a great time of it; like the Fantastic Four official merchandise is discouraged by Marvel to avoid promoting licences they don't fully own (Bishop of course being bundled with the film rights still stubbornly owned by Fox, even making his cinematic debut in Days of Future Past). While some mutant Minifigs have sneaked out Bishop isn't one of them; however, the bootleggers have again come to the rescue with a figure, probably knocked off from a fan custom. 

The result heavily follows his initial nineties appearance, with his mutant cop outfit including a painted neckerchief (which could probably be covered by an actual red neckerchief piece, albeit at the cost of covering his face) and the prominent M tattoo/brand on his face. The hair isn't quite right but then Lego have yet to produce much in the way of long or tied up hair that doesn't look a little bit too girly. The gun is actually from Megabloks' Halo line, I think - it's got a nice dumb nineties future look to it, Bishop taking his armament cues firmly from Cable. It's a nice piece of work overall, the only real drawback being that it's Bishop.

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