Friday, 17 March 2017

Minifigures - Cyclops

Scott Summers has pretty much always played the straight man in the X-Men, the class swot, the guy saying "no, you can't do that, follow the rules". Still, if you read X-Men he's part of the furniture and not really a bad guy all things considered - or maybe as you get older you get more bored of Wolverine and just wish he'd shut up and listen for once.

He's suffered from the whole "X-Men not getting many official figures" thing, something I have mixed feelings on; it seems somewhat petty of Marvel to spite their fans along with their rivals and it's not like the likes of the last Fantastic 4 movie are much danger. The annoying thing is that Fox's X-Men series is showing no sign of losing profitability even if it is lurching around a bit; it's unlikely they'll let the licence lapse any time soon so what harm would it do them to have a few X-Men sets alongside the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy anyway.

One of the few that have slipped out took the obvious Fox-spoiling theme of following the older comics and Cyclops did get an official figure, yet to be bootlegged. It follows the first version of the blue/yellow uniform he started wearing from the end of the Xavier's uniforms through to finally leaving the team and moving on to X-Factor. It's not the most exciting truth be told and leads to a relatively sparse figure; it's a shame the visor couldn't be given some definition to give him some sort of features and the painted torso applications are just lost against the dark blue. A shame but a useful figure to round out a vintage line-up.

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