Monday, 13 March 2017

Minifigures - Kid Flash

I've never really understood what the whole DC thing about having young versions of all their heroes was all about; teenage sidekicks are one thing but Kid this, whatever boy. Anyway, it's meant plenty of fodder for the likes of Teen Titans over the years without any imagination being harmed. Kid Flash is notable for having a history as convoluted as his parent character, with long stints being represented by Wally West and then Bart Allen. The former is the main motivation for this Minifigure, one of several unofficial bootlegs based on Cartoon Network's Young Justice cartoon series. 

As such this Kid Flash is Wally West, with the universe's Flash (an occasional in the series) being Barry Allen. The character wears a modernised version of the long-running costume, a yellow-shirted take on the classic Flash look for the most part but with a wraparound mask with the character's hair exposed, in this case a trendy spiked orange style. 

If you were after a more traditional look this could be swapped out for something more old-fashioned, though the costume is busier than the older versions. Sadly the small wings present on most versions simply aren't possible on a Minifigure but overall is you like the cartoon look this guy's got it right.

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