Sunday, 12 March 2017

Minifigures - Nova Corpsman

The Nova Corps were a rare novelty in the Guardians of the Galaxy film as they were actually a surprise in a film assembled on a conveyor belt; despite being law keepers up against the zany criminals they were actually portrayed as something other than a collection of bellends and actually got to be pretty cool, doing what they could to hold the line against Ronan the Accuser. It didn't really work but never mind. This had some recognition when Lego actually trotted out an official Minifigure for one of their members.

Sadly it didn't look much like John C Reilly but it doesn't look unlike Peter Serafinowicz, who played Garthan Saal - a namesake of Super Nova from the comics and who doesn't like Peter Serafinowicz. So in a roundabout way this could do as a figure for a Super Nova minifigure, apart from not really looking much like him. 

Such a figure is crying out to be an army builder but naturally with it only coming in a single larger set that's difficult. While there is a bootleg - as pictured - it's not that common either, largely only being found in job lots of Guardians bootlegs. It is interesting with its' unique helmet design and a painted backplate as well; a fun oddity but hardly an essential figure.

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