Sunday, 19 March 2017

Minifigures - Power Man

 Luke Cage's story is much the same as that of frequent mucker Danny Rand, aside from the fact he got started a couple of years earlier to cash in on the blaxploitation fad. He was also a fair bit more racist as well, or at least not particularly well-written in terms of intelligence and vocabulary - it's more likely that he was being given what middle-aged white men thought was good street slang. This bit did get better and the character was shorn of his naff codename (which had never really caught on anyway) and given something of an update. Since then he's sported numerous looks, many using elements of the original design but others trying to reflect his more streetwise outlook by giving him normal clothes.

Like Iron Fist a teenaged version of Luke Cage was featured as an ally in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and received a Lego Minifigure. He was given  acostume influenced by several of the more respectable post-nineties versions, keeping the yellow as a key colour but not needing an open shirt to remind us he was actually a bit on the muscly side.

It is a little bland sadly, with only the shades on the head giving much personality as unlike that show-off Iron Fist he was never really one for logos. The teenage nature of the cartoon character also nixed the idea of having a beard or anything in the mix, so really you're only likely to really recognise it as Cage if you're familiar with the cartoon. Unlike the Iron Fist figure this one was actually bootlegged with all the correct colours and paint apps.

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