Friday, 17 March 2017

Minifigures - The Trickster

Perhaps it's due to the TV series doing well but the Flash's Rogues seem to be disproportionately well-represented among Minifigures; maybe the title just had a habit of coining impressive meanies. The Trickster had two distinct incarnations - the original was James Jesse in 1960, who has also found minor web fame due to the underfunded 1990 series resulting in another trough in Mark Hamill's undistinguished thirty-odd years between Star Wars films. Jesse eventually went sort-of good and abandoned the identity, which was taken over by one Axel Walker. 

Both versions have appeared in the TV show but it was the younger newer version chosen for a Lego figure, also appeared in one the company's Justice League animated DVD films (again voiced by Hamill, never a man to turn down a cheque) and games. The Trickster figure hasn't actually been bootlegged and was only available cover-mounted on a Blu-Ray, which for those of dubious morals the likes of WeBuyBooks pay enough for without the toy to offset the idea of paying eight quid for a Minifigure.

The result is made from simple extant parts but blessed with exemplary paint work, notably the well-detailed chequered trousers and the belt & straps from the torso carrying on to the figure's back. The result is simple but works; sadly there's very little in the Lego  inventory that works for his various humorous weaponry but the overall result is solid.

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